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Nice site. I teach Philosophy at Long Beach City College. I would like to put the picture from the home page on my site on a page that I'm creating about the mind/body relationship. Please let me know if that would not be welcome. I would cite the artist -- who, I take it, is Yuzo Nakano. Thanks, Matt.
Matt Lawrence <>
Long Beach, Ca USA -
Que bonita tu secreta memoria, ahora menos secreta...
maria <>
Barcelona, Spain -
Very inspiring site. I am an visual artist working on the theme of human body and perception. I don't have a web site but I do want to show you some of my works by e-mail.
HO Siu Kee <>
Hong Kong, China -
Very thought provoking and interesting. I wonder why it is that only a few of us can truely see what else there is in our own worlds. Looking forward to visiting the next...
Bryon Cole <>
Berkeley, Ca USA -
Jenn Stewart <>
nakano: what a wonderful surprise to see you in LEONARDO! The site is very imaginative, original and beautiful. Sonya
Sonya Rapoport <>
Berkeley, CA USA -
Yes certainly, I surfed on over and am almost overwhelmed by the beauty in your website. You truly have an eye for the beautiful, each page I turned to made my eyes practically swoon with delight. Well done, I liked this website so much that this is the first guestbook I have ever signed into (and I spend at least an hour a day searching the web at work, at least).
Christine Lowry <>
You look to see what the mind cannot see. Simply be. It's fun to look, though, isn't it? Great site.
Mark Adams <>
Columbus, GA USA -
Very scientific. How much did you study?
Toru Sugita <>
You're still beautiful, after eons of milleseconds. I sniff the ether, and it smells of myths in here. "...the first step, the Crone who scried the crystal said, shall be to lose the way." Galway Kinnell, Book of Nightmares.
Dana Pattillo
Tulsa, OK USA -
Clicking about your site, I would say we have many congruent interests. I am a poet deeply interested in metaphor, and who follows the news in cosmology, physics, paleoanthropology, and evolutionary biology and genetics. Scientists like Crick, Watson, Feynmann, Gell-Mann, Dawkins, Penrose, Hawking, Bohm, to name a few at random, are, after all, are propagating the most powerful and interesting metaphors.
Dana Pattillo <>
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nakano <>
Berkeley, Ca USA -
very nice site
Berkeley, Ca USA -
Berkeley, Ca USA -
Nice site
Kathy Aoki
Berkeley, Ca USA -
nice site
Kazuko Watanabe
Berkeley, Ca USA -
Great Site!
Joseph <>
Berkely, CA USA -
me <>