Interpretative Cortex

-The stream of Consciousness-

"flashback" from the record of past experience

The contents of the stream are recorded in the brain, including everything to which the man on the bank paid attention, but none of the things that he ignored. His thoughts are recorded with the sensory material that he accepted. His fears are there, and his interpretations are there as well-all recorded by this extraodinary mechanism within the brain. It is the mind(not the brain) that watches and at the same time directs. Has the mind, then a memory of its own? No. There is no evidence to suggest it. If it has, there exists a memory mechanism of an entirely different and unsuspected order. The mind has no practical need for other memory since, through the highest brain-mechanism, it can open the files of remembrance in a flash.(Penfield)

** "Loss of consciousness is loss of correspondence of the organism as a whole with its environment. There is not one seat of consciousness, for consciousness is a varying quantity - that is we are from moment to moment differently conscious, we are continally changing correspondence with own environment."(Hughlings Jackson)

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